Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle!!! has started back up again. This means coaching + grading papers + lesson planning + laying new floors in the house = less blogging. Since I have a three day weekend I decided to take some time to blog again.

Today, on this cool 80° Arizona morning I noticed Finnegan in a part of our backyard known as the "The Jungle." He is trying to camouflauge himself in this picture.

As you can see he was having a grand old time

Until daddy had to cut down the 6 foot tall weeds.


Carlton Jamal said...

wowwee, that looks like a brilliant hiding place! What a same it was cut down, I hope you stamped your feet in disapproval!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We have a part of our yard that looks like that! Great hiding place.

The Bunns said...

Dumb Daddy .... thump thump ... what are a few weeds????

furrybutts said...

Aww, shucks! Daddy must have gotten the bunny butt for doing that!!

d. moll, said...

Welcome back to school fellow teachers, I start today. I have to say I certainly admire anyone who can do it full time, which I don't. If I had known what a hard job it was I would have been better behaved in Jr. and Sr. High (well I like to think I would have been....). Finn looks great in the jungle, weeds are nice.

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